Hi. I am Iona!

I am Iona. I was born in 1990 in town Klin in Russia. I’ve ever been a naughty strong girl. I used to play with boys at construction sites, whatever. There was super until on 2005 ( I was 15 yo) I heard awful diagnosis: “Cancer? Osteosarcoma”. “Finita la comedia”. First they put me endhoprothesis Instead of a diseased bone. It was good, but while I lost my immunity completely. If I just caught little cold I got terrible exacerbation. Finally, my leg swelled up so much so there were no other way to amputate. Now I feel it’s good way. I stop feel pain. I finally enjoy my life. Now I am really happy now as amputee on crutches.
I 'd like to raise some money for a new prothesis, but first I'll buy a good camera to make videos and photos not on smartphone, but in HD quality.

I got the camera, enjoy my videos and pictures in High Quality.

I am glad to meet you on facebook in my group
Iona Amputee